• How can I get Fantom (FTM)?

    You can obtain FTM on Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Gemini or even Uniswap.

  • How do I add the Fantom network to my Metamask?

  • Where can I get PGJ?

    You can exchange PGJ here

  • How can I transfer FTM to my account?

    There are several ways to do this, please see our guide here: https://bitgem.gitbook.io/bitgem/how-to.../how-to-get-fantom

  • Can I influence my avatar’s abilities/attributes:

    Yes, each body part will come with a certain strength in that particular avatar’s ability. This means that you can influence how brave or fit or charismatic you want your character to be.

  • Do avatars have only one skill?

    No, your avatars can have up to three different skills. They also depend on the race of the avatar.

  • Do children get the same skill that their parents have?

    No. A child of two avatar parents will have 60% chance to have one skill, 30% chance to get two, and 10% chance to have three. Abilities are inherited, but not all abilities will be inherited. For example if each parent has one ability, there is no chance the child will have three.