How it works

Get your avatars and be part of NFT history!

Each Avatar is a unique NFT which you get to customize to how you want him or her to look like. The maximum number Avatars that will ever be created is 7000. However, as Nithia is a resource-scarce planet, the price of the base/parent avatars (not the children) increases exponentially with each mint. (under Avatronomics you can see the exact rate) As you will see, you can also breed your Avatars, and you’ll be able to create some unique ones with unique abilities. Their personality traits and abilities will be different and if you use them in future games, they’ll perform differently based on those abilities.

To get them you’ll need the cryptocurrency Fantom (FTM) and to breed them you’ll need to get your hands on some Power Gem Juice. (PGJ). For details, see our FAQ.